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I like to find a random song on YouTube and let it take me away through the suggestions. If I hate a suggestion, I either hit the back button and look at another, or just go with the flow. One song leads to another, one artist leads to another. Do this without logging in so there's not a stupid algorithm.


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Top 40 used to be the only way to hear about new artists aside from magazines. Then the industry became saturated with "hits" and made it difficult to listen because it would constantly be the same music over and over and over again my friend, ah you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction. So that's where the phrase "rock is dead" comes from; the fact there was a corporate takeover of the industry. People typically hung out at record stores to find out what they were missing in a genre they liked. Music changed, culture changed, everything changed as the world does so often. Regardless, tastes are still subjective and it's difficult to open peoples' minds to other artists and genres. The digital revolution ruined what little dignity artists had left. Now everyone can release music and get paid three-thousandths of a cent per play. It's bizarre, so yeah, fuck radio and all the drivel being promoted for unoriginal and monotonous shit and autotuned electric wub blip. It's feeling like nobody plays instruments anymore. There's still plenty of great musics, it's just becoming difficult to find it except through word of mouth or random chance.


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Social mobility can also refer to social movements, as opposed to personal situations. The ability to mobilize for a cause. March on Washington, Freedom Riders, Occupy, protest in general, etc.


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Literally the only book I've read multiple times, including the graphic novel rendition. While it was originally a bedtime story for his kids before he set it to paper, it's more of a young adult novel. Everyone saying it's a kid's book or for children is wrong. Tolkien isn't for everyone. The man was a master of language and it very much went into his writing.