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The difference is that it’s now easier than ever to be completely shut-off from whatever is considered popular these days. There’s plenty of great music out there, whether still being created or from the massive catalog available. I think the last Taylor Swift song I can recall is Shake it Off, and that’s gotta be pushing a decade old now, yet I’m aware she’s arguably the biggest star out there in music.


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I was going to say Lockwood and Co. too! I’ve never been big on YA fiction, but how the show was presented, and considering it’s a finished series with a reasonable amount of books, I’ve had the boxset sitting in my cart ever since the first episode ended.


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That “John Adams” series on HBO from 2008 (Jesus, that’s 15 years ago…) is very good. You really can’t go wrong with searching through HBO’s catalog to find a ton of good limited series: “Generation Kill” (2008), “Mare of Easttown“ (2021), and I consider anthology to mostly count, so I’d throw “True Detective” in there, especially the 1st season (2014)


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I have not seen the 8th one because I just got back from seeing ‘Tar‘, so I’ll give an edit later on. I really enjoyed this, and hope not only does it return, but that more horror anthology is in the pipeline (especially with the emphasis on practical effects). I want more content that is just one and done, and you don’t have to mentally invest over a whole season.

Here is my rankings of 1-7:

1: The Autopsy (3)

2: Graveyard Rats (2)

3: Pickman’s Model (5)

4: Dreams in the Witch House (6)

5:The Viewing (7)

6: Lot 36 (1)

7: The Murmuring (8)

8: The Outside (4)

Lot 36 was ok, and The Outside was meh, but the rest range from pretty good to great.

Edit: I wasn’t a huge fan of the last ep either. I think why I don’t like the bottom 3 as much, is that I came into the series expecting too much blood & violence out of every ep. Every one is certainly well made, and the directors are good, so I hope this series can continue.

Extra props to the high usage of practical effects: Obviously, these days I’d expect some CG to be used to smooth things over, but that’s how it was supposed to evolve back in the day, utilizing them hand to hand. Turning every piece of content that has effects into a video game over the past 20 years has done so much harm to the appreciation of practical.


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Friend, there is an unbelievable amount of content out there: From networks, streaming services, YouTube, podcasts, books, music, etc. This crappy random network series is not a hill you need to die on.

And as for "problematic"? Inflation, disease, poverty, censorship, rising fascism: Those are examples of problems. Arguing with someone on the internet for their opinion on a television series is the definition of privileged, as I fully acknowledge from my end.


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Start reading the industry rags, pal. A recession more or less is coming down the pipeline, and everybody is going to get squeezed. Animation, due to how long it takes to produce, was only the tip of the iceberg.

It‘s called showBUSINESS for a reason, and the incredibly funny thing is: For how much you’re defending this program, I highly doubt you’re planning on even watching it.


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That’s nice, but I’d recommend focusing on having quality writing and a compelling storyline first: Maybe spend more time with your hands occupied on a keyboard working instead of already pointing fingers at the people they’re going to blame beforehand for its inevitable failure to not get picked up for a full season.

You cannot rely solely on race/gender swapping gimmicks to get eyeballs on your content. While having great writing isn’t a guarantee of success (many great shows have failed), at least the show will be respected instead of forgotten.


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Why does this keep happening with shows, especially ones with such high budgets? I read an article the other day from some guy behind GOT, and he said those dark scenes are perfectly fine on his Home Screen, and that there’s just so many variables in type & settings on modern TVs. But you’d think then they would do lighting tests before full production even begins, and have like a master tv room where they can run scenarios on test footage.

This should not be as large of an issue this far into the streaming era.


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Then it shouldn’t necessarily be based on OG content, but for what is licensed out. Both have some pretty banger content that fill my watch-list. But again, it’s too late in the evening to weigh it all out: I would imagine Netflix will in fact lose quite a bit of licensed content within a few years based on the timeline of these contracts, while Hulu only has content to gain (due to what Disney holds)

So it may very well be Netflix now, but Hulu overall considering the future.


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I’m not going to state an opinion just yet, but you have to point out that a good deal of Hulu’s good stuff is technically from FX, and I don’t believe that should count. (Fargo, Reservation Dogs, The Bear, etc) Take that out of the equation, and your result may be affected.