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No. I was already cutting a hanger for my wire rolls. I was not already putting a air assist on my k40. The world is shit, it fails to live up to our wants and desires, and thus invention. Something fails to exist before it is created. You can't wriggle out a "I don't want to call it failure" in a world as imperfect as thos one.


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My laser cutter failed to properly cut through some Perspex, i drew up an air assist nozzle in SolidWorks and printed it. I currently work in aerospace r&d and my favorite term is unnobtainium. In context: an engineer sits at their desk looking at a drawing wishing they could make it real but, alas the materials needed for it do not exist. If only they had that unnobtainium. The previous materials failed to meet expectations, so we make new ones.

It may be anecdotal but, in my experience failure is in some sense always the impetus


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Hey, so I'm new to the subreddit so apologies in advance.

Here's my question under determinism there are a couple distinctions made: compatiblist and incompatiblist with regards to free-will. Doesn't that distinction carry over to a non-deterministic world as well? Just because a world isn't inherently deterministic, that doesn't guarantee that we have free will.... Right?

Again sorry if this is the wrong place or if my terminology is flawed.

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