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Oh yeah 100% I even use it to answer the other silly questions of why are you excited to work here or what about our mission excites you and as long as that organization has been around before 2021 it answers all of those questions.

I think the true key is using the chatgpt api in some way to make some money. Even if it’s not life changing money just something.


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In addition to the essays which I trialed and got a great passing score. You can manipulate it into incorporating academic sources and real world use cases. Yes of course you still need to read it edit, add nuance but the more you interact the more personal it gets and the line between chatGPT and Grammarly is blurred to all hell.

You can even paste your resume and have it write you a cover letter based on facts from your résumé incorporating the following job description: (pasted here)

And it works magnificent. Again still need to edit and clean up but it gets the majority of things right.