Varatta t1_j3zcu83 wrote

you can separate art from artist or not however you want. the tough choice is what you do about that separation. to not support Kevin Spacy’s past work so he doesn’t get money also punishes the hundreds of others who worked on the production. Group arts are tricky this way. Now not supporting future endeavours puts pressure on the community to stop working with him. Ultimately in group based arts the action needs to be done at a community level if it’s not to punish other hard working artists for one person’s misdeeds. But getting that community to hold them to account is where every fan’s choice matters.

Individual arts are trickier. Michael Jackson (we’re he still alive) would be a good example. that’s where nostalgia plays a more prominent role. but even now that he is gone - it begs the question - do you support his legacy and family or are they too punished?

This conversation has a long way to mature, but it’s important we mature it - collectively and individually so as to make something more constructive of reactionary “cancel culture” into something more thoughtfully socially just.