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When the ovaries develop in utero, there are about 6 million eggs in them. By the time the baby is born, there are 1-2 million. Before puberty, a girl loses about 10,000 eggs per month. After puberty, her hormones have a protective effect and she only loses about 1,000 a month.

After puberty, only one egg matures and drops per month; the rest just resorb.

This explains it in more detail:


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They don't.

You pay the money, you get the membership. They don't restrict it to certain people.

I mean, I guess you could say that people who can and will pay $60 a year for a membership are a "certain kind" but that's only $5 a month so it's not exactly exclusive.

One reason for memberships is that if they catch you shoplifting or abusing the return system, they can revoke your membership. This helps keep costs lower.


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That was the first one, yeah.

But the reason they came up with the rating was supposedly all the complaints they got about Gremlins and Temple of Doom.


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They didn't have PG-13 yet. That didn't start until 1984, largely thought to be inspired by Gremlins and Temple of Doom.

And at least one person probably had Poltergeist in mind too, lol.


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> And you butcher them young because the beef isn't very good from adult dairy cows.

Dairy breeds are used as beef cattle too. The meat is just as good if they're slaughtered at 18 months like usual. It's just that many retired dairy cows are 10+ years old so their meat is tough.

But it's easier to sell male dairy calves to be veal than to bottle-feed them long enough to go on pasture.


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They take dairy calves away from the mothers and bottle-feed them (or sell them for veal). The milking makes her body think the calf is nursing, a lot, and so she keeps producing milk steadily, usually for about a year. Then she has to have another calf to keep the milk supply going.

If you have a small homestead and don't need a lot of milk from your cow, you can let her keep her calf and still milk her, and that will be enough milk for most homesteaders. But it's not profitable for large dairies.

If you saw the calves with their mothers, those are likely beef calves. They used to remove the calves at a certain age to force weaning, so the mother could back get in shape for her next pregnancy, but trial and error showed that caused more losses than it prevented so most beef calves stay in the pasture with their mother until they're old enough to go to a feedlot.


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Mail carriers are sort-of-federal employees and are not supposed to take cash tips or gifts over $20. So if you want to tip them, get them a $20 gift card or some cookies/candy. Well, gift cards are kind of a gray area, but are usually allowed. A restaurant gift card would be more acceptable than a Visa gift card, etc. Alcohol is not allowed on duty, even unopened in their vehicle.

I'm not sure about UPS or FedEx drivers.

But I used to deliver newspapers and really appreciated those tips!