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But Russia really won’t benefit from this. Urals is still selling much lower than Brent or WTI and cutting oil production will only hurt their own revenues.


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That contract that Biden negotiated and eventually forced on the railroad workers really wasn't that good. Go on r/railroading and they'll explain more. The "sick leave" that the workers got was a joke and was not what the union asked for. If Biden was really pro-union or pro railroad workers, he would've let them strike.


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Pretty good for me. I got my job back as a library assistant, I'm getting my Master's degree in Library Science in a few weeks, and I'm currently in the hiring process of becoming a full-time librarian.

So basically, I'm just about to take the biggest step in my life and career at this point, so it is very exciting for me.


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Never Forget that Tom Farley was the one who enabled this idiot to run his “Philly Fighting COVID” program, and essentially gave the keys to the city’s initial vaccine drive to this scammer. And he kept defending this decision even though it was pretty obvious early on how terrible of an idea it was.

Thank God he resigned after he got busted for disposing the remains of the MOVE bombing victims.


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It is kind of funny to see that there are some pundits who seem to think that this is a genius move by Putin:

... and unsurprisingly, it's a right-wing blog that wrote this article.


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Somewhat serious, it would probably lead to a civil war in this country. I mean even now; the man hasn't conceded even though he has lost the election by over 14 points (so a landslide). His family and supporters still think that "God will lead him to victory."

But the nightmare scenario is that he would do a lot of unpopular things in the state, particularly for Philly, its suburbs, and Pittsburgh. He puts a sycophant in as the election general, does everything in his power to make PA unwinnable for Democrats. Kills the public school system. Philly and Pitt get pissed, and do a coup either with soft power to remove him from office, or literally is removed from his seat from Harrisburg. Chaos ensues since the GoP gets mad. Civil War 2.0 follows. US gets balkanized.

So in many ways, Shapiro's win saved the country. But like I said, this is just a what if nightmare scenario. There is a reason why Mastriano lost by the margin he did.