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I work in the corporate meetings business. Ray was hired one time to give an afternoon keynote speech, and this was many, many years ago. One takeaway I remember was that he predicted that everybody would have their own IP address, maybe even a tattoo or transmitter under one of their fingers. That way anyone can walk up to any terminal and all their lives will be accessible. The justification would be freedom of travel, money access, and medical history, all their data and photos can be accessed without the need to carry anything.

It was a very utopian vision and didn't take into account all the unscrupulous activity that big companies and government would engage in.


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Solar would work in the U.S. too if our greedy power companies stopped bribing our government officials to stop it. Even our insurance companies will not insure a house with solar without an extra cost. Any incentive to contribute back to the grid has been bribed away. We are in a very sad state of affairs here.