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Mine hit me hard! Couple of days with a terrible headache, then the body aches hit, and the congestion, and completely lost my appetite. I was basically in bed for 5 days and home from work for 10! I was in so much pain, I couldn’t sleep, just aches all over! After it passed, I had major brain fog for about a week. I could barely sit through a conference call at work, I really needed everyone to speak slowly to me lol. It was brutal.


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A huge pet peeve of mine! Just yesterday at my work, a couple brought their dog inside and I went to them and let them know dogs were not allowed inside, she said “oh I saw the sign, but I figured it would be fine” when I mentioned that it was not fine, the husband asked me if I was on drugs…literally made no sense. But he went on to say only people on drug’s would have an issue with the dog. Then went on to say it was a service dog (which it was not) and pointed to his Veteran’s hat and ignored me. The dog was 100% not a working service dog. He was running loose, all over my work. Not even listening to their commands. I had to leave them alone because the man was getting rude.


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Get a wood stove! We struggled our first winter in our home with the shock of heating it. The following year we got a wood stove! Problem solved. We haven’t ordered oil since November and we only had a 100 gallons delivered. We got 3 cords of wood which will last us through the winter.


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We have a 2000sq ft 2 story home, plus a small in-law house. We heat with a wood stove and supplement with oil. My moms in law suite is electric heat. Our biggest electric bill was in July with 3 ACs going, that was about $350. With my mom heating her space (400sq ft) with electric heat our bill is about $230-$250. When my husband is drying cannabis, it goes up again as the room needs to be kept at a cool and dry temp.