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Send a link to the scam apartment. I'm so curious to see if the ad looks legit. I may be looking to move when my lease is up in a few months. Would be nice to see what to look for


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I have also seen this scam more than once. They came to my door about 2 - 3 months ago - at night @ 8 pm or so! Claiming to be from the city! Pffft! Get the hell away from my door. No badge, no ID and so late a night....I could also hear them ringing other bells and spewing the same claptrap. Trash peddlers.


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Messaging the driver is one of the best options. I no longer travel to NYC to work but I do take an Uber to the waterfront for work most mornings (plantar fascitis). I get calls asking me where I'm going all the time, some very rude, just to make sure I'm not going to NYC.


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This is true. I was searching for so long (had the luxury of living with someone) so I was able to tske time. Looked at an apartment that had the tenant still in it. So much I did not see! I felt very uncomfortable being there while someone else's stuff was there so I just breezed thru. Lots I overlooked. Like there only being 1 window and it's in the bedroom. One radiator also in the bedroom. It's not worth it to look at an occupied apartment. I'll never do that again.


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I recently went thru this for several months. I moved finally in September but honestly this is a closet.

I looked at so many apartments that were trash - absolute trash. Please do not go by photos! They can be deceptive as far as size and cleanliness! Trust me! Also, Parkstone is trash - as tempted as uou might be to reply - ignore them. They will make appointments and not show or if they do show, give you the run around even AFTER they get your money.

Call. Call and text the landlord directly. That's the only way I was able to get anywhere. Good luck!


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I moved into a new build out on Grand street in 2017 right across from the park. I was excited because it was so nice inside; 2 bedroom, 2 bath was almost 1k feet of space. Well, first night my son was there with his girlfriend before the rest of the furniture could be delivered. I was told there was walking around all night. The 2nd night I was there I took a shower (I had the master bedroom) and came out of the shower to see a woman in all white standing there right in front of me. A few weeks pass and I hear a man, clear as day from inside my bedroom yell 'how dare you'! Sounded like he was right next to my bed - it was 4 am. I found that I couldn't sleep at night. I constantly felt I was being watched and I saw what I can only describe as a ghost dog run from one room to the other. Also, most people would not stay. And I almost never saw anyonein the hallway. Almost felt like the twighlight zone when you entered the building. I lived there 3 years due to circumstances. Couldn't wait to move out. Found out that right next to that vacant lot it was built on there were 2 abandoned houses where a girl lured a young man who was attacked and killed.