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Companies like Saab, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and surprisingly Samsung although they are not a car manufacturer, subsidize a lot of their profit margins they get from the civilian sector to fund their military ventures. Rolls-Royce is included in this list as is Volkswagen. Most of South Korea's entire mechanized military is constructed by Samsung.


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I support everything being free but wouldn't it be awesome if public transportation was free in general considering our taxpayer money basically goes to fund the thing. Imagine if we just asked under armor to pay 1% more in taxes so we didn't have to pay the f****** toll every time we want to go across the key bridge.


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I thoroughly enjoy seeing that Baltimore City uses Reddit as a resource. I've seen a couple mayors use reddit as a round table open house and do some amas before. This has nothing to do with engineering I just got a rise out of it


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In all honesty other than having a solid figure head that isn't poking a bee's nest every 5 seconds biden's United States is no different than Donald Trump's. Inflation is still out of control nothing is being done about the housing crisis that is growing and growing, and the few bills we do get that are supposed to be helpful are so watered down or so minuscule they literally help nobody. I was all for getting the orange man out but what we got wasn't much better, just an old man with a cooler head. Honestly I don't think it matters who the president is. The United States is not going to change unless we have a drastic overhaul of how our three pillar system operates.


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Say what you will about the Honda Element but it's a very versatile vehicle the fold-up seats in the back are awesome for off-roading if you want to have a slumber party in the backseat of your car. I used to bring an inflatable mattress put up the back seats and have a night under the stars because the sunroof. People gave me s*** about it until we were out in the sticks.


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There's a lot of jobs available by legit employers in Baltimore but honestly after talking with one of the squeegee kids it sounds like they make a lot more money than possible at a 9:00 to 5:00 and with very flexible hours and they can just quit whenever they want to and come back whenever they want.

I was talking to one kid and he said he was pulling at least 150 bucks a day.