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Man, you'd be absolutely shocked lol

There are plenty of people who have all the means available to them who just don't do basic things to take care of themselves like make appointments with their GP, refill their prescriptions before they run out, notify family of upcoming appointments that they need to go to, schedule dialysis appointments wherever they are visiting family out of town. Those people then use the ED as a catch-all to make up for that.


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>The emergency room is for serious accidents and emergencies.

Also coughs, colds, runny noses, halitosis, headache.....

Our EDs are also overrun, and a lot of it is because of people using the ED as a catch-all instead of getting a primary care doctor, using an Urgent Care or just being unable to be sick like a grown-up.

It's totally possible that this guy 100% needed to be there, but I assume they have a functioning triage system that did not prioritize him higher up for a reason.