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the carbon in cooking oil comes from the athmoaphere where it's absorbed from by plants so the only way it's not net zero is because the equipment used in farming/production is likely not net zero... beats the hell out of fossil oil tho


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i think it's more nuanced than that

i think the point is that interdependence was supposed to make us need eachother so much that war would be impossible because of our shared reliance on one another

since recent events have shown that to be inacurate, it's tempting to want to go back to a time when supply chains were mostly internal.

the thing is it did work to an extent, war is now a much rarer thing than it used to be thanks in part to this interdependence...

the fault in our current setup, i think, is that it's a network much like a minimum spanning tree where each node is a single point of failure and there are no loops that would allow for redundancy. so if hungary or russia or china or the uk or whoever decides to throw a tantrum - we're all boned

we should aim for global supply chains to look more like a delaunay triangulation where while some vertices have more edges than others, the loss of (or shunning of for misbehaving) one player doesn't drag everyone down with them - it would not only make it easier to punish those who would try to bully their neighbors but also spread the economic benefits on more people