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Get electrolytes. Sea salt and potassium citrate. 1 to 2 ratio. Flavor the water anyway you want as long as its 0 calorie.

If you can't get the potassium just salt will be fine. Try to eat extra potassium if possible.


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Its not that simple. It lowers insulin and keeps it low for hours. That's where a bunch of the benefits come from.

A calorie restricted diet would have you eat 6 small meals a day. That means your insulin never gets a chance to hit basr level, and you'll feel ravenous the whole time.

It is significantly easier to just not eat, than it is to eat less.


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nope, the calories in calories out argument is archaic and false. we are not simple machines, we are very complex. 3000 calories of fat vs 3000 calories of carbs will have VAST differences on how much, and what type, of fat is made and stored.


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No, it doesn't, that's a lie. 50 or so years ago, heart disease and heart attacks were almost unheard of. When Eisenhower had a heart attack in office, they blamed fat. Not the 3 packs of cigarettes he was smoking a day.

Look up ancel keyes, and see how he was paid by the sugar industry to fake results, and shift blame to animal fats.

We evolved to eat fat. Animal fat is the only reason we were able to evolve bigger, more complex brains. Well, cooking had a big role in it too.