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Toll roads that exist today were toll roads before the interstate system was created. Or, built after the interstate system but not using any Federal money. Tolls can not be added in VT as they were not toll roads before the interstate system was built. And, if we could the tolls would have to pay the full cost of maintenance as the current 90% from feds would end.


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They get $743/week during the session. The session runs from January to April, with the exact end date varying based on the progress of legislation, governor vetos, etc. They are in regular session four days a week, not five, so your lodging math is off. They only get lodging if they stay in Montpelier - most commute and therefore do not get that.

Their pay is below the state average for salaries and is seasonal with no benefits. This is why it tends to be a bunch of fairly well-off people that can afford to be away from their regular jobs. Just this year a state rep lost her job because her employer was not willing/able to let her be away to serve.


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Someone else mentioned how big a story it was and the fact that it may have impacted Vermonters due to not being that far away or affected building codes here. All true. But this story is specific to the state of RI and talks about towns in RI failing to properly inspect buildings in RI. Here is a link that bypasses the firewall of anyone wants to read it


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Not that it helps for actual breaking news like fire calls etc, but I’ve found the best way to get local new is using Google news alerts. I use mostly for work, but I have some for my town. Put in the relevant keywords and it finds the stories for you.

And on Twitter I have alerts for various accounts like 511vt and a few news orgs (not the clickbait corporate out of state owned ones)


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I don’t read or pay BFP. I used to, back in the day. I do get their daily email (along with seven days, VTDigger and VPR); I track them all for work.

I used to follow all of the local tv news channels on Twitter for work. I had to shut that shit down a while back as they all started tweeting out nonstop crap that, more often than not, is not local. Usually with nice short clickbait titles.

I still follow local reporters, which can also be annoying because since they are real people often involves their pets, kids, vaccinations etc.


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I’m in a 3500 square foot house. About 15 years old well insulated. We use propane for hot water, heat (radiant on first floor and radiator on second floor), cook stove and clothes dryer. For the last 5 years or so we have done a pre buy and we use about 800 gallons per year. Winter indoor temps set at 68 when home, 64 when not home and when sleeping (controlled by smart thermostats in three zones).


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This comment. I’m fairly certain the percent of negative people here far outweighs real life. And don’t forget the grass is always greener saying, in that many of the negative comments about living in VT seem to come from people that never lived anywhere else.

I was born in VT. When I was young my father joined the Army. We then lived in KY (two separate times about 3 years each), MD, Germany (two separate times, different cities 5 years total). When I graduated HS in MD and my father was being sent to KY a third time I was like nope. I’m done. I stayed in MD, worked various jobs lived in several cities. Then got a transfer to NY and lived there for a couple years. I returned to VT about 25 years ago. And I love it.

Expensive? Yes, property taxes are lower in other states. Crime? Yes we have that, but less than nearly every other state. Quality of life? Yes, it’s better here. Especially if you actually get and do things. Housing hard to find? Yes, but a simple Google search tells us that’s not unique to VT. Would I rather never again have to shovel snow or change tires? Yes, but not if requires living somewhere that’s hot and humid half the year.