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Either of those would be much better, thanks.

Molly Brown was 44 in real life. Kathy Bates, who played her in the movie, was 49 when the movie was released (so probably 48 during filming).


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I don't doubt that Weird Al made handwritten notes.

Although portable typewriters were definitely a thing in 1985, they were loud. (Libraries were still a shhhhh zone back then.) Plus people didn't really take notes on a typewriter. Typewriters were generally used once you had all your notes and were ready to type your final document (or at least a first draft).

Photocopiers were definitely available in Southern California libraries (where Weird Al grew most likely resides). I know that my library had one in 1967. However, they were fairly expensive to use.

Besides, given the lyrics, I don't think he was taking down massive amounts of duck details.


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I love this and want to remember it in case I'm ever in a situation where I can use the term. Do you know, is it pronounced bee-man, bay-man, bow-man, or ???