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My point is that of course they're not accurate, but neither are the "rich people are all lazy and greedy" narratives. People on both sides of the spectrum are demonizing the other side because it makes it easier to hate them.

Be angry all you like, but that's not going to fix anything, unless you're angry enough for a real revolution. And I don't think we're anywhere near that point yet.


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I honestly think that a huge contributor to the political divide is purely driven by emotional jealousy and vindictiveness, not by anything logical.

I think upper income people would be far more willing to make economic sacrifices if they were framed as charitable acts towards those less fortunate, rather than impositions by the lazy and entitled.

Or at least, they'd have a tougher time justifying their unwillingness to do so. Demonizing the poor is how you justify mistreating them, and when the poor are screaming about how you are greedy, lazy and underserving of your wealth, it's not hard to understand why people are anxious to dismiss them.


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So take it up with your parents. Tell them how unfair it is that they gave birth to you and how much you hate and resent them. Throw your hissy fit about how horrible they are and how you wish you were dead. That should make you feel better.

But don't foist that shit on the rest of society.


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And that's the way it should be. A fairer distribution of the value of labor is something that absolutely should be implemented.

But the reality is that working till you can't work anymore is the way life works. It's not an evil plot by nefarious masterminds. If you dropped out of society, you'd never be able to retire.


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Seriously. Stating lenders are responsible for the actions of those they lend money too would pretty much end capitalism.

Which I understand that the Reddit mob would probably applaud, but most people would recognize as a bit of problem.