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I don’t have a problem with this. Charge out of state residents their share of what it costs to maintain the parks. Subsidize that rate (with tax revenue) for Mass residents (who pay state tax). Though I feel like if you work in Mass and pay taxes here, you should get the in state rate.


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I no longer live in Philly. I live in Boston now, a little bit past the end of one of the subway lines. There are a ton of bus routes that start from this station (16 different routes). The vast majority of the people taking the bus outbound from here are transferring from the subway. And yet, they don’t align the bus departures with the subway arrivals. It feels like every day, I run out from the subway to see my bus pulling away.


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I agree it does seem silly to have a toll on one highway but not the others. Though to be fair, there is a toll on the Tobin and the harbor tunnels as well. So it’s not just Metro West, Central Mass, and Western Mass paying tolls.

I don’t hate the idea of tolls. Road maintenance is incredibly expensive. Far less than half of road maintenance is covered by the current gas tax. And I’d much rather the difference come from road users than from the general fund.

Personally, I think I’d rather see a significantly higher gas tax than tolls because it is easier to collect and doesn’t have any privacy issues. But people piss & moan when the idea of the gas tax being raised to cover maintenance is brought up. So I guess, let’s keep the status quo.


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I agree. There are other issues besides just price that make the commuter rail less attractive to lower wage workers. As a white collar worker, I can set my hours around the train schedule—most low wage workers cannot.

Most transit riders in Hyde Park are taking the 32 bus to Forest Hills and transferring to the Orange Line. There are about 10,500 rides on this bus route each weekday. Another 1500 on the 24 bus to Ashmont. Only about 1000 get on or off the commuter rail at Hyde Park


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Not sure. But it’s not my job to figure that out.

Yes. It absolutely is. People think of commuter rail riders as being affluent, and currently the commuter rail riders are relatively affluent…..because the poorer ones can’t afford a $13 round trip from Hyde Park to South Station. But there are a lot of people who could benefit from the fast transit in there neighborhood if the price was just cheaper. Hyde Park is not affluent. Roslindale is not affluent. These are middle class places; neither of these neighborhoods is in the top 10 richest in Boston.


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The frequency is absolutely an issue, the reliability is actually really good. In the ~100 times I’ve taken the Needham Line I’ve never had a train more than a couple minutes late.

But the price and frequency make the bus to the subway a more attractive option most of the time.