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I think both arguments can be done, high end technology can/must be used to protect the planet (among other things), but humanity prefers wars and division instead of science and development, even though wars brought a lot of scientific achievements in the past, right now is not enough anymore, we have to work as a team, as a species, otherwise we can't do anything as fast as it should be done.

Just my opinion.


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An AI is influenced by its creator, in this case, the human race, an AI uncorruptible is something from the movies, just impossible in our reality by concept. 100% objectivity is not achievable either, and if the AI could be able to do it, would include everyone of us in the group of liers, evil people or whatever you want to call it, because it's judging us based on something unreal.


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I don't think humanity can be able to do that ever, there will always be rich people and their interests, money and power over anything else, if that "disaster" is big enough to menace their lifestyle, they'll work to save their butts, that's it, countries will perish without remedy, human nature, it's what it is.