VincentNacon t1_j5tyx80 wrote

Oh noes... not the source code! For a game that has extremely basic game mechanic?

I mean... come on, there are a ton of games similar to LoL, you won't be gaining anything out of it.

The real question we should be asking if the source code does expose the user's email, password and their credits.

>" It is alarming to know that you can be hacked within a matter of hours by an amateur-level hack."

They just made a huge mistake with that statement. They basically gave away a tip to avoid paying out $10m by simply updating the security system.


VincentNacon t1_j07jti6 wrote

I fail to see how those legs are better than a set of wheels. If the legs has much more dynamic range of movement than this one, then I'd say it's better than wheels at this point.

The problem with this kind of legs, it's limited to one set of motion. Which isn't much better than wheels.

When designing a bot for a pipe, you could just plant the wheels on the side with a bit of force to avoid the junk on the bottom completely.