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Person of Interest was a network show that was always on the verge of being cancelled starring two character actors. It was also a procedural for the first part of it's run, which makes it harder to convince hard sci-fi fans to watch it.

Westworld was an HBO prestige drama with a huge, extremely well known cast and a sizable budget. For the first two seasons it was very popular, and it was heavily serialized similar to Lost.

I also prefer Person of Interest to Westworld, but it makes perfect sense to me that it's not as popular.


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So around the end of season 2/start of season 3 they close up the crime drama aspect and make it more about the A.I and originations surrounding the A.I.

In terms of plot development it's a lot like Fringe, in that seasons one and two you're not sure if it's going to become more or less serialized and then after that it leans really heavily into the sci-fi aspects.