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Which I wouldn’t care as much if the US economy would “collapse”. Restarting it would probably be better for everybody and there is chance it wouldn’t even hurt the average American besides maybe the gas going up, but it would still be cheaper than here in The Netherlands.


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Law suits like this need to happen so we can use the outcome in the future.

Fines are often capped here in EU laws and not income based. Even if they where then there are tons of ways to split part of the income of the board of directors so it would seem like they wouldn’t earn as much.


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“Baseline price” isn’t even a real term. The amount of people who have been buying games has increased a lot yeah, but that doesn’t mean their profit per game has increased. Which is unknown for the Zelda games. If is possible that we haven’t gotten a real new Mario Kart or Mario Bross game because they are investing so heavy into Zelda. Not sure, but it would warrant the higher price.

Imo the people who are so against the price increase should just buy it second hand for less but hey


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The thing is that with taking inflation into account games haven’t increased a whole lot over the decades. There have been less budget consoles and budget first party games though.

It mostly feels more expensive, some things actually are, but hey that’s part of the flaw of kapitalism and we expecting a raise every year.