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Their warranty specifically says they will repair things for wear and tear at a reasonable change. Everything I’ve sent in has been under that aside from the fleece, which was again sent in to their recycling program. We bought the sweater as a size L, it fit like an xsmall and the texture was awful so we knew no one else would want to wear it. I didn’t expect anything for that. They are the ones that chose to replace things. Why would I say no to that? I’ve sent in many other items for repair that have been repaired that I’m still using. These were just examples of why I’m happy spending, again, THOUSANDS of dollars on Patagonia. I’m not abusing anything.


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We called first to ask if they’d replace the waistbands (he was totally willing to wear them with a new waistband), they said to send them in and they’d see, then they credited them. The warranty extends to all their products, so who cares if I bought it from them or goodwill? Someone paid full price for them in the beginning and they chose to donate them instead of warranty it themselves. The fleece we were sending to their recycling program, not the warranty program as I said in my initial post, and they still sent us credit. The jacket was paid for brand new, I only wanted the snow skirt replaced that did get torn due to bad stitching because I would have continued to wear it, and they replaced the jacket instead. I’m not going to say no to them replacing stuff/giving credit when they are the ones offering. Between my husband and kids, we’ve spend many thousand dollars on brand new gear from Patagonia in addition to used gear, so yes, I will accept whatever replacement choice they offer.


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Patagonia for our house! They’ve replaced many things - my husband got 3 underwear from goodwill and the waistbands were shot and they gave him credit for new pairs, we sent in a fleece he got on eBay from the 80s that ended up being way small and shrunken and we were fine with their recycle program but they gave us like an $80 credit, I sent in a jacket to repair the snow skirt that got torn but it was also ragged after years of use (dirty, tons of holes from a sparky fire pit, etc) and they gave us a few hundred dollar credit to just replace it. We’ve had other items they’ve fixed (like a broken zipper) with no issues. I still have the same jacket I bough 8 years ago and it still feels brand new, it just has stains because I’m messy. The key is making sure you get the right wash, clean it appropriately, and dry things with dryer balls to get the right fluff back.


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I wear the mid weight hiker year-round. Depends on how often you do laundry - 7 pairs is enough for me to rotate through. I frequently wear them two times, especially if I’ve worn them on a pretty sedentary day.

I have a couple lightweight casual pairs and they are atrocious. Thin, make my feet so sweaty, they’re tight and they just feel weird on my feet. I also have a pair of no-show but they are slightly stiff.