Vivavirtu t1_j9j69bn wrote

That would be pretty useful, a translator that understands slang, context, and cultural nuance.

I was thinking it would be great if it could learn from a body of text in a certain language, and apply what it learned to conversations in any other language. But I don't know how this stuff works, and how distant of a goal that would be.


Vivavirtu t1_j9j4zsu wrote

"ChatGPT is surprisingly good at forming natural, albeit a bit formal, answers that seem to understand traditional and pop-cultural references in China."

Huh, neat. I didn't know ChatGPT training data included other languages.

With multiple countries rushing to create their own NLP chatbots, it would be cool if they could take it to the next step and create language agnostic chatbots, somehow. I'm guessing that would take a much deeper level of "understanding" that ChatGPT does not yet possess.