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How much would the lack of real estate tax be offset by sales tax on store purchases?

I have no idea what revenue the place generates, but am curious if the City calculates things like that.

Also glad to see more experiences coming like Level 99. Fashion and shopping alone can’t keep Malls going like they used to in the 80s/90s.


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Only been in RI 13 years and this project confused me. It looked like it’d be the biggest building in an area that couldn’t support the traffic. The premise made sense, and affordable housing is super needed, and not just in areas that also require people have cars to get around.


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This is a really conplex question that’s super well documented down a thousand rabbitholes. But I’ll attempt to summarizes. Some of this may be insulting to some or surprising to others, but it’s important to think of all this through the context of the cultures of the day.

In very broad terms, we were involved in WW2 long before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. That became the flashpoint that allowed the politicians to openly propose entering the war to a public that was now super angry. But we were already supporting in a few key ways (arms, lend-lease, etc).

America always has pockets of people who openly support any belief. There were fairly large (by the era) Nazi gatherings and a long history of open racism and anti-culture bias against whoever came to an area after whoever were already there. All of these also had many (and usually larger) counter protests. Again, all in super broad strokes.

But the largest general sentiments were to either stay out of it because it wasn’t-our-problem isolationism and it being “all the way over there” (we were very late to WW1 even), or support for Britain and France out of kindred spirit camaraderie and “why can’t they just leave we’ll enough alone). Plus of course the folks behind the scenes securing and shipping the arms that knew the truth:

The technical progression just from the beginning of WW1 to the end was enough that the same progression from WW2 beginning to end was going to lead to ICBMs or at least long enough ranged missiles, and likely with nukes, the war was going to hit North America. The Axis knew this too (Zimmerman note, sub attacks). And what America had which Japan and Germany didn’t was basically infinite natural resources. So if they could keep us from entering the war, all the best. And we knew if the Axis did win, they’d get those resources from the conquered territories.

The reasons for the Axis to even start the war are as complex and as deep as the particular question you have. But I hope the above helps.


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RISD Museum is always a good go to if you’re into any type of art or display of the creative minds. Parking’s always “fun”, but Bolt Coffee will warm you right up.

And if this feels oddly specific, it is in fact because I am at Bolt Coffee at RISD museum warming up to coffee 😀


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I3 is not an option for you?

Asking seriously because I know what lock in feels like so am hoping i3 can be for you. I switched on 2020 and not only was the service actually real, the download speed was triple. Upload wasn’t great at first but what it lacked in speed it had in consistency, and in the last two years uploads gotten way better.


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This. It’s “Apple” vs an huge sea of other brands. Media likes their easy stories. Apple vs Samsung carried them for awhile. But nowadays in the US apple is north of 50% of phones while it competws against scores of other brands and thousands (literally) if different android phones.