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What do you do with people that don't share your values or culture moving to where you are and then voting?

We all agree that genetically people everywhere are the same. You have then culture which is the differentiating factor between the good places to live and the bad places. If people are allowed to move from the bad places to the good places then change the good places to be like the bad places what have you accomplished?


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there are PHDs studying bullshit all the time and research is a waste of time, it doesn't mean anything. That doesn't give or take away from my view.

you are just slightly out of your depth here arguing for sake of arguing. if you don't like an opinion then simply move on.


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There is no logic. We knew how it worked by design. Its capability was going to grow exponentially because matrices by definition grow exponentially. It's the same basic logic that drives a 10x10 matrix that runs an n*n matrix.