VoidowS t1_ixfes72 wrote

The population keeps growing. We r a parasite in the eyes of A.I. when asked. And it's true. We don't contribute anymore to the world. We even put or dog shit that is fertilizer for plant and life in plastic bags to be shipped where? we don't care. We even want the leaves to be taken away by big machines. Again fertilizer for the earth. We r a parasite, and the next world we will live on we wil ltotaly drain as well eventually. at firstthere is plenty of space, and the sky isthe limit so to say. But eventally also on that planet we will overpopulate because of the abundance we cannot coop with. Eventually proximity b will be like earth now is. And what will we do move on to the next and the next. As we think that there r planets so many they can't be counted, what does 1 planet more or less do if we populate it. :) If alien life would exist, they will not stand for it that we start to reproduce in the universe. And eventually become so big that we arrogant killing people would try to rule the universe. What we we do in proximity b. ofcourse kill the wildlife for food and exploid the ground for more food not taking in account that those animals to us r the rightfull owners of the that planet! We would not care. as lng as we r on top.