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It's really easy to overspend. Also, convenience of deliveries can be very enticing. Grocery delivery, booze delivery, take out delivery, snacks delivery, same-day or 1 day prime. It can be easy to fall into those delivery traps. The charges add up fast.

That said, I do recommend once a week or every two weeks, you budget and try a new restaurant/cuisine. I've had amazing Thai, Afghani, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian, and more, since moving to DC.

Personally, I enjoy the city and have slowly been making friends over the course of two years (granted I didn't have school. Only work when I first moved here).

Also, there's a lot of free activities, take advantage of that!


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First off -- there definitely was a better way to word the title and the whole post.

Second -- Just use common sense. Well-light areas, etc.

Third -- Coming from the midwest, I'd recommend bringing ear plugs it's loud at night compared to the country.

Fourth -- Mind your own business. And don't ask locals about "all the shootings".

Fifth -- for you, just stay in the tourist trap areas. You'll be fine.


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  • If walking at metro station with a group don't all line up and take up the whole platform (someone wants to get around you).
  • If you get motion sickness make sure you are sitting on the metro with the seats facing the way you are going.
  • If you see someone not pay for bus or metro, don't say anything, don't stare. Just mind your business.
  • Let those in wheelchairs get on bus first since the bus will likely have to lower the ramp and stuff.
  • When waiting for bus or metro don't stand too close to anyone else if it can be helped.

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Roommates for sure. But also, when you move here make sure to register with WMATA that you have a disability. My coworker has a disability and they provide them a metro shuttle van to get them to and from work. (They have to schedule in advance but it's free!)


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My apartment sent out a long email to residents saying to make sure not to let anyone into the building we don't know. Apparently, the police or someone was contacting businesses letting them know that it could get out of hand.


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Back when my friend and I were having summer internships in DC we found a place to rent on zillow. Looked like professional photos, but the price seemed almost too good to be true. We talked to the guy he sent us a form to fill out and wanted one month's rent as a deposit.

I googled the address and found the real, realtor. Contacted him and he said the rental price was double what the guy was saying. That that guy is a fake and to be careful.

So, all that to say, be careful with Zillow. I would ask for a virtual tour (via zoom) or something to make sure you can see the apartment/room before giving any money.

Also if you have Facebook, there are a few facebook pages for DC roommates, etc.