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I'm saying that a robot will always fail in a translation where cultural context is needed and only a professional translator such as my friends that do this job will be able to bridge that gap.

For example "Where's the Craic?" First off a robot would hear this expression as "Where's the crack?" because the programing is likely based on US English and not Irish English. Next if this was a court of law, the Irish speaker would be getting hauled off to jail for trying to buy drugs!

These translation robots will never be able to translate yob talkers to American English and anyone that down voted my last post are a bunch of slags.


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I totally disagree with your assessment of AI ability for translation. I've used Facebook translation, Google text and verbal recognition to translate. I also have friends that do translation services.

The reality is there are many examples of sarcasm or cultural explanation that doesn't allow for direct translation.


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In DC the elephant in the room is changing the hight restrictions that can only be changed by Congress. The second best option is what was proposed in the article to take land that is less desirable above Metro stops and make them apartments.

Building high density apartments near public transportation has been around for hundreds of years. It was why retail had apartments above it on roads with street cars. 100 years ago. America ignored this solution when building nightmare suburbs that require a car to get anywhere and shop any where.


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I recommend downloading the Amtrak app to get an idea of how full your train is. Lots of trains running to NYC and Boston are running near 100% full. if full, you will want to be near the front of the line so you have the best chance you have at getting a desired window seat near the outlet to charge your phone.