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He’s a (wealthy) dope fiend who takes advantage of poor women in a time when even the implication of sexual activity outside of marriage meant ostracization and poverty for them. He betrays his friends and straight up murders one of them. He’s a massive piece of shit even for current standards


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Yeah definitely, Lord Henry was an edgelord who liked the sound of his own voice, and took advantage of Dorian’s immaturity because he found it amusing to see him take Henry’s bullshit to heart. It’s like when you tell your younger cousin that babies get shat out like turds and then watch in glee when they go ask their mom about it. Despite his words, he lived a very conventional life, he was married to a woman who matched his social standing, and he attended social functions as expected.


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Mindfulness is not behavioral modification— it’s about learning to recognize and sit with the reality of the present and what your senses reveal about that state. Behavioral modification is about training yourself into good habits through small actions which eventually lead to bigger ones. Eventually mindfulness can lead to behavioral change once the individual becomes aware of actions that do not serve them well, but the onus for change comes from a completely different place


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Well obviously you’re not going to control for your dependent variable, that’s the entire point of the study, but they’ve controlled for other health problems. If someone were decompnsated to the point of being unable to pick up prescriptions that would be reflected in their other medical problems. This is partly why psychiatric conditions can lead to physical illness