Wader_Man t1_j2dr3mx wrote

All Chelsea's are going to have that same 'flaw' though, no matter the brand. I'm in Ottawa and wear winter blundstones all winter long, in town. For urban use they are more than enough.

If you're worried on a particular day, wear warmer socks that day. If you're really really worried, you should buy proper winter boots in a non-Chelsea style, something that wraps your whole ankle.


Wader_Man t1_itxvoc9 wrote

10 years ago I would have said Minnesota. They seem to have gang and crime issues now, maybe because Minneapolis got too big. Maybe its still #2 except for parts of Minneapolis though. So, hmmmm..... while I'm tempted to say Wisconsin, I think Washington state has it beat in terms of geographic beauty and climate. I'd have to look more closely at Oregon and Idaho too - I've been to those states only once. But if you need a firm answer, Washington.