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If the price and maintenance is right, otherwise cheap and maintenance free solar pv + heat pump will outperform this. Solar thermal panels are a maintenance headache, but perhaps these will work better by not getting too hot, they still have to make it robust to freezing temperature problems.


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yeah, lol, and here's just the thing to launch humans from a giant rail gun (slightly tweaked Julius Verne original idea btw):

"A protein found in human cells has been repurposed to make a material that reforms when it is struck by a projectile, capturing the object intact"

"When something hits the gel, the energy unfolds the modified talin switches rather than being converted to heat, as is the case with existing materials, says Goult. Silica gels filled with air, or aerogels, have previously been used to capture small objects in space, but these heat up on impact, potentially damaging both themselves and the captured material."


Perfect airbag to cushion the 20 G's hitting your meatbag, lol


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> I also think eventually we won't rely on combustion to reach the atmosphere. My thoughts were centrifugal force or some kind of magnetic accelerator.

I like the space elevator (easy on the Moon and even Mars) for Earth there's also laser launcher/accelerator, also doubles as wicked laser gun.

source: trust me bro, just another dude on reddit


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5 kW turbine for a 3 sqm area? Apart from sporadic and localized gale winds I don't see much potential wind power to harvest in just 3sqm, much less in the kW range. I'm very skeptical of these claims.