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I have two bottles I've been using frequently: Nalgene and my Modl. I found my Nalgene in my old apartment and basically what I use for everything. Mine has the bad habit of smelling kinda off despite washing it frequently but that's like whatever. If you want a cheep, do everything 1L wortor bottle, you really can't go wrong with a Nalgene.

However I will say if keeping anything cold for a while is something you want, probably look to a hydro flask. They are bigger and Def a lot heavier but work really well.

What I've been running recently is a modl. They are VERY expensive tbh but they are pretty cool. I got it bc I wanted a large bottle that I could take to the gym and kinda have a squirt cap. They sadly changed that cap and now it's a bite valve. However, this works pretty well. I like my nelgene and having a wide mouth bottle is great. However, we want the gym and my arms kind of hurt and I'm being shaky. I tend to spill water all over myself so I got the model with the hope that I would stop that and basically not the even more wet. The benefit also is that I now have a straw and mouthpiece as well as an open mouth whenever I want. It's also a lot easier to clean. It's a good bottle but i will say it's pretty expensive.


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I mean I did. I checked their QNA nothing really. All I was asking in the original post was if anyone has had a similar experience. Some brands run weird where they will fit differently. I also said in the post where they weren't fitting right which was round the calf as they slipped a bit. Other people have responded and stated they have had similar issues. I find that it's nice to get other people's opinions and experiences because it helps create a more informed decision :)