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Reddit is just fickle. I’ve made the same comment two different times before, in the same sub but in different threads/on different days, and had one get downvoted to hell and the other with 1000 upvotes. Don’t let it bother you, a lot of people on this site are very young and need to develop a bit of maturity.


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I wondered if it was a family member or something, since everyone at the second studio said they didn’t even know anything happened. So did he drive to another town to another dance studio just to steal a car and bounce?

Edit: this article suggests the gun was wrestled from him before he could do anything, so he ran away. Which makes more sense, I was just confused because everyone at the second studio denied knowing anything happened and they put a note on the door saying they closed only out of respect for the first dance studio.

> Officials were also investigating an incident at another dance studio that may be related to the massacre, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said.

>About 20 minutes after the shooting in Monterey Park, an armed suspect walked into Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio in nearby Alhambra, but “some individuals wrestled the firearm from him, and that individual took off,” Luna said.