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Fortunately heavy rains finally filled the reservoirs somewhat, ending the drought for about half a year.

This is actually why they plan on planting the streets, as they want to stop the pollution present in the city, and have more walkable areas to reduce the use of cars.


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It's funny since my city (Monterrey) is often made fun of for being "Americanized" and being car-centric, but we have almost 6 million people yet have the same Urban Sprawl as Austin, which has less than half our population.

A comment that stuck with me was that we are doing poorly in walkability, my city is still much closer to Paris or Amsterdam than to Los Angeles or most cities in America.


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I know! I have no idea what is going on in my city, but for some reason we seem to be having, since I can remember, a semi-working government that is actually trying to do stuff.

They are also planning on building 3 new metro lines and a train to combat traffic, which is something I never thought they would ever address, let alone actively plan on combatting.


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"The city of Monterrey will initiate its green corridors plan with the Parque Lago project in the northern part of the metropolis, informed the municipality's Parks and Green Corridors System.

The plan seeks to integrate a solution that combats the climate emergency, as well as the inequalities produced by the lack of green urban infrastructure.

The Parks and Green Corridors System has 18 other park projects, totaling 94 hectares of rehabilitated parks and more than 73 kilometers of complete streets with extreme tree planting.

These projects are expected to add more than 20,000 native trees to the municipal tree inventory.

This is the first major project of the Green Agreement for Monterrey. The objective of the Parque Lago project is to generate a quality public space that functions as a detonator of urban, environmental, social and economic improvement, considering integrating activities to attract more diverse users, rehabilitating pre-existing hydrological resources and improving the infrastructure and equipment of the park in conjunction with its respective green corridor connection," said Laura Ballesteros Mancilla, secretary of Sustainable Urban Development.

The Lake Park project consists of 8 hectares of green public space and its specific objectives are to generate environmental services such as water and carbon capture, as well as to combat extreme heat in the area, in addition to improving access to green and recreational areas for the surrounding population and the municipality.

The project is expected to include more than 800 new native trees and directly benefit a population of 120,000 inhabitants. This is also one of the first actions of the City's Extreme Heat Office.

For this first stage of construction of Parque Lago, Zone 1 will be developed, where there will be areas for early childhood with high quality games and furniture, contemplation areas with rest furniture, and areas equipped with picnic and chess tables. Work on the first stage will be completed during the first week of November.

The next stage to be built, currently under bidding, is Zone 2, which includes a multipurpose court, basketball courts, a children's court, a pentathlon area, an outdoor gymnasium and other programs under review such as a skate park and a dog park."