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Yeah, idk about that one. I don’t actually think we can do that, but I definitely think we can do other things by tapping into energy fields within the earth. It’s all science in the end. It’s not crazy to think that there are things we don’t know about human existence. I do think there are people who know some things (free energy, communicating “telepathically”, etc) but they don’t speak about it out of fear. This world revolves around money and power. There are very evil people who don’t want humans to be self sufficient.


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Damn that’s very sad. It may seem like I’m crazy or hit my head, but I’m truly just open minded about life and human existence. I don’t ramble on about this stuff to others. I don’t go too deep or take it too serious. I just think there’s a lot we don’t know about this world and human existence in general. They did a lot in the past that we cannot scientifically explain. Researching and thinking about this stuff is fun for me