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Yup, that one detail made me perfectly ok with everything in the title and article. I'm not normally a fan of our police gangs but the evidence points to them just doing their jobs in this instance. Which is a nice change from playing candy crush while crimes are committed right in front of them.


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Side note: as someone who injured themselves when he had a baby in a baby seat, you absolutely can get a temp disabled tag and it's not even difficult. I've also had a temp disabled tag when I didn't have a baby but needed crutches after an injury on my left (non driving) leg.


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This is simply not true. At this point a very large chunk of Fairfield residents are NYC transplants that are used to decent public transit and complain about CT's lack of it every single day. They would absolutely use it regularly. Hell, if there were regular, reliable, frequent, affordable buses or subways from the train in Stamford out to bulls head and throughout the main city of Stamford, it would put a HUGE dent in 95 rush hour traffic AND Stamford internal traffic.


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It's far less sad than watching a family member die slowly in unrelenting pain or lose their mind to Alzheimer's and hate every minute of it reliving that loss of mental capacity over and over and over again.

My mother had alzheimer's. Every time I saw her, multiple times she would beg for a gun with two bullets (in case one mother's misfires) because she had forgotten that she had begged me to help her commit suicide every single previous time. This went on for almost a decade before she lost her ability to speak and was basically just an angry, violent vegetable.


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I literally work with a solar company that does EXACTLY what I described in repurposing EV batteries into home solar installs. You are the only brainwashed person here and you have zero idea how batteries work. All batteries have a life cycle, every last one. Batteries are also among the most reused, repurposed and recycled manufactured products in existence today.

The batteries in an EV will only outlast the vehicle if parts stop being made for that vehicle or the EV has so many issues that it costs more to repair than replace. The single most expensive part of an EV is the batteries, as long as the battery is safe and the repairs are not more expensive than replacing the vehicle, they will make the vehicle into an EV of Theseus because it's cheaper than replacing the battery. It's not uncommon to reclaim these batteries from EVs that were totaled in accidents.

Not a word of that changes the fact that ALL batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before they need to be replaced, rebuilt or recycled. ALL BATTERIES. Every single last one. In fact every single time a battery goes through a charge cycle it holds slightly less of a charge. This is true for your Amazon rechargeable AA batteries just as much as it's true for EVs. It's simply the nature of the technology.


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This is simply not true. In fact it's entirely incorrect and false.

All rechargeable batteries have a certain amount of charge cycles before they absolutely have to be replaced because they either can't hold a charge as long or as much of a charge or both.

In fact there is an entire industry developing right now where batteries are first used in EVs because they demand the most cycles and intensity of power delivery. Then those batteries are recycled into home and commercial solar power storage. Eventually they will be harvested for parts and entirely recycled to be remade back into other batteries or other things