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How can you even know that the current version of you is "you"? For all we know, the consciousness you're experiencing at this very moment is just a state of being your brain accepts as itself, regardless of whether it actually is or not.


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I got shot in the leg, but I removed the bullet, bandaged it, and ultimately recovered. I guess I was never actually shot! It's such a silly argument that I wouldn't even come close to taking those people seriously.


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I'm sorry, but that's just not true. If an AI could only handle situations identical to the data it trained on then it would be pretty useless when deployed into the real world where data would almost certainly not match up perfectly. So it obviously needs to be capable of (and is capable of) extrapolation beyond what it is trained on. So it is obviously more than what you call a "pattern duplicator." AI does pick out patterns in huge amounts of data that can meaningfully represent a solution to a problem though.


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Yeah, I enjoy a good new paper every now and then but it's just not possible to be completely in the loop anymore.