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> People who want to live in a society clearly want to have an easier life full of pleasures, where the responsibility of themselves is lessened to the point where they don’t have to worry.

That is a staggering level of ignorance. Humans are social animals. If you're a sociopath, go on your merry way but don't try to poison the rest of us.

> I’ve lived in the country have my life and the city half my life. The words I’d use to describe those in the country is giving, hard working, friendly, and family. Those in the city would be selfish, greedy, ignorant, and lazy.

Then explain why almost all the wealth generated in the US is generated in cities.... on a per capita basis. Explain why rural areas are wastelands while cities continue to grow and thrive. Reality disagrees with you.


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So you educated yourself. Bought every piece of clothing you ever wore. Built the car you drive, the roads you use, the refrigerator that holds your food? You built and stocked the grocery store where you get your food? You created the company your work for and educated all of the people to who make sure you have what you need to do your job? You designed and built both the device you are using right now to read this and the entire network infrastructure between there and the reddit servers?

Every single thing you have or have done in your life is the result of tens to tens of thousands of people helping you. Providing for you. You stand on the shoulders of 10000 years of human progress. You have done NOTHING on your own. Not one single thing, including the first breath you took, was done only by you. EVERYTHING is a result of someone else helping you in one way or another.

The idea of "only I'm responsible for myself and I'm not responsible for anyone else" is not only the most heinous lie the right tells, it's the most anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-community, anti-human piece of garbage propaganda humanity has every created. Like it or not, you are 100% dependent on everyone else around you and they are dependent on you.


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