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I’ve gone into those stores on occasion and almost always leave without buying anything. The shelves are disheveled, the cashier is busy stocking so you have to wait for them to come to the front and the prices are not that cheap for what you get. I bought some plasticware for an office party and they were so flimsy they were useless.


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I was friends with a guy in IT and he said the people who failed the phishing tests sent out by them were almost always the executives. Someone got into the CEO’s email and tried to get our controller to wire $100k to some random bank account. Luckily it takes multiple executives to sign off on that kind of transfer out.


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Yup, happened to my mom. She spent 25 years at a company, won tons of awards and was highly praised and sought after for her work. She and many of her other older coworkers were slowly laid off to bring in cheaper young workers. Many were going to bring a class action lawsuit but my mom doesn’t like to rock the boat and she easily found a job making way more so whatever.


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My first job did this and managers just rated the employees that were their friends high and everyone else low. Still salty a women my boss was best friends with got a very high rating while I got average. I consistently was double or triple her metrics. I asked my manager about it and she said she had to rate me that way to make her numbers work (ie. she would have to rate her friend lower than me). Couldn’t leave that place fast enough.


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Yeah, middle management usually has a lot of bloated salaries and you can get by longer without them. The last company I was at did layoffs and it was exclusively mid level managers. It made sense to me because each of their salaries was equal to 2-3 employees or more. I knew I was safe because I was the lowest paid employee.


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I bought a sports car when I was in my late teens. I’m absolutely shocked I did not kill myself. I definitely think it’s wiser to ride more dangerous vehicles later in life. I’m in my 30s now and have WAY less testosterone and adrenaline running through me.