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  1. The ice storm of 2007
  2. More than half of Springfield residents live at or below the poverty level. That means living paycheck to paycheck. You can't plan ahead to have extra food or supplies, you have to get stuff at the last second. Whatever you can afford.
  3. Because most Springfieldians are quite poor, they have less access to jobs with flexible schedules and are typically expected to show up regardless of the weather. They're prepping the best they can for the trek ahead - with vehicles that aren't as safe on the roads as they would prefer, but they are choosing between two bad options. Go to work in a car w/bald tires and no heat vs no job, no rent money, homeless, get arrested and have your kids taken.

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You will have a roof over your head. Doesn't matter if you broke 100 leases, no one deserves to be homeless. Especially with a newborn. I know I'm just a random redditor but I'm also a mom that struggled with housing, depression, and little kids in spf. It can be really isolating and feel like you're over your head. If you want to pm I am available to talk. If you want help finding resources too I'm good at that. I hope you find some peace and space to breathe ❤️


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There's a new 24/7 adult crisis stabilization unit on the west side of town. You are free to leave whenever you like. They can help with lots of stuff including drug withdrawal. My husband went there and it was extremely helpful.

My husband has been to Cox North and the Marian Center. Neither were very helpful, but the Marian Center was better.


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My uncle worked for them for over a decade. Lovely company with great owners. My uncle got cancer and had to quit. 3 years later when he passed away (in November) they sent a card to my grandparents. He loved working at BJ's and I think he would recommend them.