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Shitty article. If you actually read that 3m number isn't based on anything but a shitty pole from wealth managers with zero context for the person.

The math isn't hard and of you don't believe you can live off of 100k a year + ss then you might have a life style issue and are spending too much.


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Not that I agree that a school needs this, but a well connected pr person will cost far more than 180k/yr. Yes you can hire someone with good ideas for cheaper but the ability to get your message out in the main media channels consistently requires networking, clout, and will cost you A LOT more than 180k.

Again, a school doesn't need that shit.


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But the complexity doesn't scale with users. Sure you might have more AWS or Azure costs, but you are still left with the complexity of a CMS with multiple integrations. You still going to need an SLA/support comparible with any federal run CMS. It might be even harder depending on budgets around supporting services.


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Never said it wasn't. I just question how many people are kept off the program and how much additional revenue it would bring in. Not that we can prove it either way but I'd be happy to make a bet that 85% of stoners have their mmj card and are using the program. I just can't see a huge influx in tax revenue. I'm all for recreational. Folks are getting their pitchforks out over their weed 🀣.