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All true - but in all fairness, the EU has introduced rules regarding roaming, so as long as your home carrier is in the EU, the entire union is free to roam in. Same as you’d be in your home nation. One reason international usage skyrocketed after this came into play. Some carriers even extend this into the US.



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Good move though, I also put pipes or conduits in the ground when digging. Also take photos of them with a tape measure displayed from ‘fixed’ objects.

You’ll quickly find the pipe - and will be glad you put it in 👍


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Must likely has a blocked vent. That could be inside dryer, or the actual vent pipe.

If not in the US and you have a condensation dryer, remove all and any dust from both the condensator (inside dryer loop) as well as the evaporator (outside dryer loop). Both need to have free airflow.


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Don’t scare your cats! Invite them to something they love (and that benefits you at the same time).

My solution for getting good nights’ sleep;

I got a 10 W electric heat pad (rugged version specific for pets) that is hidden in a corner of the bed under the covers. It’s not hot, but it’s warm enough (lukewarm) so cats love to sleep, lounge, hang in that spot. I turn it on in late September and it’s on 24/7 until sometime in late April/early May. Best $20 investment ever.


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Yup, tankless are promoted for [energy] savings that really never materialize due to the extra cost compared to a ‘tanked’ gas heater. With unlimited supply, saving are literally down the drain.

Hybrid/heat pump heater makes a lot of sense if natural gas isn’t available. Otherwise it’s more of making a point.


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Likely hard/impossible to find a ganged breaker like that. Apart from proper installation/routing of cables, a hot tub is unlikely to ever be fully ‘rodent proof’. What you can do is to monitor arching. www.whiskerlabs.com has the little Ting device that will alert (and I’d assume there are many other suppliers). Service is free for at least three years if you have StateFarm as insurer.


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Backstabbing outlets should be banned. I wonder how that ever passed through NFPA. They seem to work OK for some 10 years, then slowly start to weaken, creating endless problems. I do understand it’s much faster for an electrician to backstab over using the screw terminals, but ‘fast’ should not be the operative word when it comes to electrical installations. Quality and safety should be.


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I’m likely going for the 13 Pro instead of the 14 Pro just for the camera issues (perceived or not). Currently taking (a lot of) photos using my 7 Plus and I’m very happy with quality. I never crop/digital zoom, but use the two fixed lenses, and really could use another fixed lens - but have zero use for RAW files or the hassle to convert RAW afterwards and delete. Etc. Storage is always a premium. And having files that take up 20-60 for ‘nothing’ isn’t really something I’m looking for.