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I would still probably stress to not get your hopes up TOO high (Or worry TOO much if you are a fan) but this has potential. This is the first time that it honesty looks possible that he will be convicted of something. Even if the prosecutor has some very strong evidence (Which it increasingly looks like is true), you never know anything for certain when it comes down to a jury. One person with a different impression of the evidence or beliefs about the president could be what keeps him out of prison.


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Let’s not forget that Trump is one of the worst testifiers of all time. He BETTER take his lawyers seriously when they forbid him from taking the stand, because who knows what he will say on the stand to make things worse. It’s not entirely clear that he even registers when he is lying, it is so ingrained in his style of speaking it’s barely conscious. It seems like he just says what he wants to be true and assumes it therefore is, which is a major problem when under oath.

Trump is going to want to take the stand 100% though, and it’s unclear if he will let his lawyers stop him. They have succeeded in the past, but he despises them for it and chafes at the idea of not being able to tell his story, and the more it happens the more resisting he becomes the next time.

We could very easily see perjury charges if he isn’t smart about this.


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A case this high profile not even a grand jury would function as a scapegoat. If they got the indictment but not the conviction because they overplayed the evidence they had…let’s just say it would not be a positive career move. They absolutely want the opinion of the grand jury on the evidence they have and playing fast and loose with bias to get the indictment with weak evidence would be self-destructive.


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Grand Jury is definitely more interesting than normal jury duty, I’ll say that. Potentially way more traumatic though. Though for cases like this it wouldn’t be a normal grand jury, who are usually empaneled to a good amount of cases over a week, two week, sometimes multiple months in certain jurisdiction. I’m pretty sure for something this big the grand jury was only empaneled for this specifically.

Note that for grand juries the person being accused doesn’t get representation, nor is there a judge. The DA leads the proceedings. That’s why you hear things like “You could indict a ham sandwich”. Generally speaking, a committed DA can close to always get an indictment. Though with cases like this with major political ramifications I doubt there was much bias involved. Getting the indictment only for him to be found not guilty at trial because you overplayed your hand could be career ending. They honestly do want insight into how a jury will see the evidence, what questions they have about it, etc. It would be profoundly foolish to waste the opportunity on just getting an indictment with weak evidence.


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Hey, I don’t have a colon and thus only experience diarrhea. He is worse than just diarrhea. He is diarrhea after you order Thai with friends and you feel an irrational social pressure so you stupidly order it “Thai hot” while forgetting important facts like “You have hemorrhoids that are not healed at all and are starting to look bad enough you should really go to the doctor” and also “You are White”. If physically possible, you are also menstruating.

It’s not just a shitty experience, it’s an experience that turns the devout into atheists as you struggle to reconcile the existence of a loving God and the misery you have just endured.


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You’re associating amount of chromosomes with overall species complexity or advancement or something, which isn’t exactly how it works. More chromosomes isn’t necessarily “better” and fewer isn’t worse, and some of the species with the largest amounts of chromosomes are butterflies and various plants, with hundreds and even over a thousand chromosomes, while some mammals are…well, the Indian Muntjac. There are also some ~10 and into the low teens.


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Fortunately/Unfortunately, IQ doesn’t work like that, gaining knowledge shouldn’t increase IQ theoretically or IQ fails to measure intelligence. Knowledge isn’t intelligence. I of course say “shouldn’t” because IQ tests are already flawed and this is veering off-topic but I really wish we wouldn’t conflate IQ score and knowledge or educational attainment (Or even intelligence for that matter, but that’s a whole ‘nother rant).


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Yup, both the shelter and we thought he was a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd. We were expecting him to grow to the size of your dog, so when he hit 50 pounds and showed no signs of stopping we splurged on the DNA test. 25% Border Collie, 12.5% Australian Shepherd, but then 25% Chow Chow (From both sides?!) and 12.5% German Shepherd. Last quarter is “Too mixed”. So he is a right proper mutt, just with that strong Border mix look!

You’re probably right on the money for your dog, she sounds like what we expected haha. If you ever do get her DNA tested, I’d love if you shared a picture and the results! My last dog was also a Border/Aussie mix so I am biased and love the breed.


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Amusingly, he is absolutely weird about food, but not in the way we expected! He will of course try to ignore his food for treats, but he will also just leave his food alone in his bowl or puzzle dish for HOURS, even when we know he is hungry!

The thing is, he has no actual problems eating his food and we switched to this one because he was stealing it from my roommate’s family dogs whenever he went over. He just seems to be contrary.


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He is a pretty healthy mix mutt from the shelter we got as a puppy and, admittedly, it was our fault naming him Poki and cursing him to be a loud excitable happy little buttmunch. A quarter border collie and australian shepherd, but the other 25% we know from DNA is a COMPLETELY unexpected breed. I highly doubt anyone could guess from this picture given the one trait I recognize from the breed isn't being shown off very well.