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In my opinion, it is actually a lot better to read out loud. Tone of voice is super important for meaning, and you literally can't hear the tone as the author intended if you're reading things silently. So personally I think it's the other way around, I think reading silently is vastly inferior. People can swear up and down that they can read a million words a minute silently, but then they are just missing the point of reading, which is to hear the writer's voice.

The author is basically speaking to the reader. When you read a book out loud you are hearing the author.

Of course there's a time and a place for everything. Usually if I can't read something out loud, I will at least whisper the words quietly to myself. Furthermore, I think it's the silent readers who should practice reading out loud, which is a basic thing that every good reader should at least know how to do, even if they don't do it all the time. I think you should be comfortable doing both, but like I said, it's a more powerful experience reading out loud.


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Right, definitely, I wish there were those mini standalone libraries in my neighborhood, but unfortunately they're all randomly placed in other parts of the city. If I lived near one I would walk to them all the time. You're quite lucky in that regard. But thankfully the local bookstore never lets me down, so I can't complain too much. I totally agree. They're also sometimes called "Take a Book, Leave a Book" in which you can only take a book if you leave one in its place. But I suppose it's okay to take one without leaving anything, I'm sure plenty of people do that.


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Ohh... It reminds me of the way I lost a book. I was dating someone a long time ago and I let them borrow a signed first edition of a Rupert Sheldrake book, because we were trading books. For some reason she kept the book and I kept the dust jacket. Years later I found the dust jacket and I really wanted that book back but I had lost contact with her. Finally I was able to talk to her again and I asked for the book but never could get it back. Hmm.. Well that's certainly one way to find a book.


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Ah, I definitely know what you mean. Something similar like that happened to me. One of my first assignments in school was to write a poem. I didn't want to write a poem so I tried to fake it, but then eventually I ended up really enjoying writing poetry for real. Anyway, that sounds like such a memorable experience.