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> evaporate ... likely to make the problem worse

Correct, evaporating the water isnt the solution but rather part of the problem. Humid air hitting the cold glass is what causes the water to come out (cold air holds less water than warm air so as it cools some has to come out). More heat does not change the amount of water you have in the air so condensation will stay. You either need to lower amount of water in the air (dehumidifier) or you need to not have cold glass (isolating layer or double glazing). Ideally youd have a bit of both, lower humidity in combination with windows that do not waste as much heat will significantly increase quality of life in general and heating cost (dry air needs less energy to heat up than humid air).


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tl;dr because falling down even if you have to carry something bulky to survive the fall is still a lot easier than trying to exactly meet up with the fastest moving manned structure in existence. Not only does the latter take a LOT of speed but the precision required is also absolutely non-trivial (and if it goes wrong youll still fall down so you would still need the bulky fall protection).


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> either a mouse

Yeah thats what i thought too. I just hope for OP that this is not a case of aluminium wiring deciding to give out because that would indicate a much wider issue but i dont think that was ever an issue in the UK (they did that weird ring mains thing to save on copper iirc).


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A cable failing would be a weird one... Hope its something obvious like a rodent eating through something because if the wiring in the walls of your house are capable of spontaneous failure like that you will have much larger problems than one bulb not turning on.


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Yup, tearing your house apart should never be step one. Other than the bulb there are not a whole lot of things here that can randomly break. Someone changed something, that change is the prime suspect and not everything else that always worked fine.


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> So the lightbulb in the master bedroom stopped working.

Any idea what caused it to stop working? If nothing changed theres no real reason for it to break.


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If this is the result of you trying to peel a small piece off then you should absolutely start a demolition company. Just walk into a building and sneeze. Super easy money.


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> and meanwhile not heating up the atmosphere?

Interesting shower thought; Rerouting any solar energy that would have otherwise not hit earth down to earth will always heat up the earth faster than it otherwise would have regardless of the method or frequency used to do so. This change probably will not be very significant though (drop in the ocean kind of thing) but its not zero.


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Ive found that either wool programs dont rinse as proper or the lower temperature does something but for me with wool a slight vinegar smell remains in the clothes. Its very minor, my wife really doesnt smell it and she did a couple blind tests on me because she didnt even believe it but i could pick em out every single time. Granted, we've only ever had two washing machines that did this so with that sample size it could be a coincidence (or it could very well just be a fabric property thing i honestly dont know) but i really dont do that anymore.


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> US road weight limit is at 40t

Netherlands is 50t if i remember correctly, that about 55 'us' tonnes. Plenty countries in the eu have even higher limits. Its incredible what roads can take if you actually maintain them ;)

Im not sure how much renault is targeting the US if at all, the US seems to prefer some really odd trucks. Even volvo has to make trucks with them big bonnets specifically for the US market to even get a foot in the door.


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> new type of battery

Its not even that. This is ww2 era technology and the theory existed well before that. 90% of the 'new battery technology' you read about is simply reintroducing the wheel to people who havent heard about it yet for clicks (and to milk investors). 90% of the remaining technology discussed in articles is stuff that will never work outside a lab environment and the 1% thats left might one day be interesting but is mostly just minor improvements on existing technology.


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Somebody should invent a surface specifically for art. They could make it flat so its a lot easier to work with and hang, you could make it any size you want for your project and heck you could even put some nice frame around it. Museums would look a lot better without all those skateboards on the wall and the local kids would actually have something to use in their skate-parks.

There must be a batter way.....


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When drilling you make a mess anyways

Mess always has to be cleaned anyways

You have to dispose of your drilling mess anyways (you sure dislike making a mess that you have to mention it thrice, diy might not be for you)

Its not a waste if it does something (it does if not much)

Instead of 'worrying', see it a case of good practice.

Is oil 'required' for this? Well no. But it certainly wont hurt anything other than your fear of having to clean up after :p


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It does sound like it potentially allows for shady things to happen if you allow a device to exist between the meter and you installation (assuming these meters are used for billing purposes).