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Here during the Minnesota summers it’s not an uncommon site on the bike trails and foot paths to see people “skiing” on their extended roller blades that are basically skis with wheels. I’ve only tried it once, fun fact i got to use those roller blades for summer practice while being apart of the same Nordic team she was on but like four years after.


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It’s commonplace in Minnesota.

I actually sorta competed on the same cross country team as her basically because men and womens team practiced together… I was 4 years too young to know her but my brother did from classes.

She also lived in Afton where they have the ski hill called afton alps attached to afton state park where they have groomed trails for Nordic, which is what we called cross country.


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No clue who downvoted you, solid advice. Also you can still cook popcorn bags just by emptying them into a pot and cooking it stove top. It came in handy when my sister didn’t have power to run her microwave.


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I haven’t read the article yet but how would it not be newsworthy based off the headline alone? A kids team from a country besieged by Russian forces where able to compete in an international hockey tournament. This is just as newsworthy as the miracle on ice, and that hockey game will be remembered forever.

If you want to be pedantic than no sports event is newsworthy unless there’s loss of life or corruption or something it’s just ‘sports’


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Gtfo, if you see a church with the sign children outside painted onto the carpark with a message only seen from the sky you don’t shoot. Or atleast that’s my sense of morality, where is yours?

I see from your comments your morality is asking “what’s wrong with a few extra stitches” when it comes to the husband stitch, denying a legitimate democratic election and defending Andrew tate.

Don’t waste your time commenting like I did everybody, this poor soul is lost.


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Big problem in Minnesota and I think the shallow aquifer under Madison Wisconsin is forever tainted and they recommend pre diabetic and diabetics don’t drink the tap water. (Iirc)

Also they recommend you grease your undercarriage every winter to minimize rust.