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Ugh. A big thumbs down to that if so! They already ostensibly check my card at the door - which they never really look at so I could be flashing them my library card from 25 years ago for all they know. 🧐


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The easiest way to kill them is with a “cone of death” - hang them upside down and place into a metal cone attached to a board, so their head hangs out. Get a firm grip on their head, and use a sharp knife to cut all the way through the neck. Not pleasant but a necessary part of being a chicken owner is knowing how to humanely dispatch your birds when needed.

Source: my user name checks out.


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I wish he had dug deeper on the UVMMC nurse thing. Like reported out on the astronomical and absurd administration overhead. Since actual journalists don’t have the balls to do that.


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I too will book a hotel or bed and breakfast at virtually any cost over AirBnB - I’d love those assholes to choke on their investment.

(This does not apply to someone legitimately renting out a room in an owner occupied home - they’re fine - I’m talking about the evil investors).


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I don’t understand why they do that Sharpie thing with the receipt at the door. I literally spend $1K on groceries there on average and have a Supermarket Sweep style cart that I can barely see over/steer. If I wanted to steal something it would be pretty easy to stick it in the middle of my Leaning Tower of Groceries. IDK what value that Sharpie Lady adds to their business model. It’s a pain in my ass to wait to get out the door and do the game of Tetris to fit my haul in my car.


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Do better than what? The article is clear that this was a complete surprise to state officials and they’re rapidly trying to figure out a plan. Can you not judge that plan when it still hasn’t been formulated?


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Being suicidal shouldn’t give someone a pass to do whatever the hell they want when it impacts the lives of innocent strangers. In this case - the engineer. Another case is that Bourgoin guy who killed a car full of Harwood students by smashing into it intentionally. Those sorts of actions should never be acceptable.


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If she genuinely had no control over her brain, then yes. But I struggle to accept that this is the case when this sort of thing happens - sort of like the Bourgoin case who killed the kids from Harwood by intentionally smashing into their car. The lack of caring about anyone else’s well being in the pursuit of your own death is just unfathomable.


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This makes me so angry, the selfishness of that action is beyond the pale. How can someone be so self absorbed to not care about the horrible impacts to that train engineer. It is inexcusable to have someone else kill you like this woman did - she’s dead but that poor engineer will live with this horrible memory for the rest of his life. Infuriating. There are a million other methods that, while devastating to family and traumatic to first responders to deal with a body dead by suicide, will not actively engage another person in taking your life. This is truly an evil action on her part.