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Naw man I lived in Buenos Aires for a bit. The beef football and insane inflation isn’t far off.

Beef: I could go to a 5 star restaurant in the middle of Palermo and get an 8oz filet mignon cut for about $14 USD.

I was there in 2014 and the city legit shuts down for football. I went to a BOCA juniors match and had a blast, and went to a WC warmup of Argentina v Trinidad y Tabago. So much fun.

And the inflation is insane. Exchange rates are set by the gov rather than the market, and we would exchange dollars with sketchy street vendors rather than official avenues because they were offering $15/$1 rather than the official rate of $12/$1


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Holy shit you’re right… just noticed it on the frame in a TINY window, next to what looks like a QR code, separate from the slide. How tf did I NEVER notice this??

I always thought the ATF considered the slide as the pistol, but I guess they consider the receiver the pistol. That’s surprising to me


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I just went and looked at my S&W M&P 2.0 and woulda look at that. The polymer “lower” (lowers don’t apply to handguns, only rifles like the AR15) isn’t serialized, but the metal slide is.

This is because the polymer “lower” only houses the magazine, the trigger, and some basic stuff. Everything that makes the gun go bang is on the metal slide