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If you aren’t checking a bag, 30 minutes before your boarding will be fine. There are just not enough gates or flights for the lines to be more than 15-20 minutes. Usually it’s like 2 minutes. The only potential hold up in SPG comes from checking a bag, and that process is similar to other smaller airports.


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A lot of people on here are going to say things like money or family. The reality is most people that live here like Springfield just fine, Reddit is just a good place to bitch to others about our community. Springfield skews much different politically and religiously than Reddit does. This sub is one of the few places they can find like minded people that live here to bitch with. I am part of a few other city subs that are similar to Springfield albeit a bit larger. Same types of posts happen on those subs.

For the vast majority of people here, if you want to move you can move. It takes commitment if you don’t have much money because you’ll need to save up, time your lease correctly, line up work options, etc. I have a few people in my family that are lower to middle class financially and they’ve moved around the country just fine. This doesn’t apply to everyone, but it does to most people in this sub. Once again, most people don’t want to move and would rather use this community to vent frustrations.


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Further, continued investment in trails and usable green space in general. The Springfield greater area has tons of potential for nature based investment and activities relative to a lot of cities our size. Pairing this with biking trails for commuting would be an added bonus.